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vibraphone, marimba, balaphone, mbira, tabla, khamak, melodica, djembe, voice, compositions. *1959 Vienna/Austria, studied vibraphone with Woody Schabata, tabla with Jatinder Thakur. Solist and accompanist in very different bands and styles, for example Pandit Shivanath Mishra (classical indian music), Merlin (folk), Jazz and Blues,poetry and music programs with H.W.Kaefer and Adula ibn Quadr,
theatre programs, dance performances with  Radha Anjali.....


Tommy in the cellar    

Katrin profile  

Katrin Schueler - Springorum

acoustic and electric guitars, voice. *1966 Hamburg, musical studies at the music academy Vienna with main instrument guitar. Since 1987 playing and arranging member of the yiddish folk group "gojim",  the ensemble Scholem Aljechem and a lot of   formations in jazz. Extensive work with renowned  stages like the viennese Burgtheater. Composing and musical supervision for free productions (e.g. OH! ME! LIKEY!!, a revue in memoriam George Gershwin with singer and actress Caroline Kozan).    E-Mail




Wolfgang fully concentrated


Stephan in the bush


Stephan Brodsky

Drums, percussion, marimba, voice.*1955 Vienna. First studying classical percussion at the conservatory of Vienna, he went on to experiment with all forms of jazz and blues. As accompanist he is much in demand and playing with  Sammy Price, Allan Prascin, Blue Brass Connection... As a marimbaplayer he is founding member of  phone3phone

Wolfgang Hering

Double and fretless bass, plucked, rubbed, scratched and stroken
*1960 Vienna..Grown up in an old austrian  family of musicians. Visited the F.Schubert Conservatory of Vienna. Member of the fabulous international folkband "Liederlich Spielleut", well-known in the austrian scene for records and tours with different highlights like Guenther Mo Mokesch, Andi Lee Lang, Schurli & die Motorbienen . . .

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