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Thomas Nawratil

good vibes

born 1959 in Vienna. Studied Vibraphon and Marimba with Woody Schabata (on the F. Schubert Conservatory) and
classical indian Tabla since 1981 with Jatinder Thakur. Workshops with Pandit Anindo Chatterjee,
Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri and recently Pandit Suresh Talwalkar.
Multiinstrumentalist concentrating on tuned percussion instruments like Balafon, Mbira
(thumb piano from Zimbabwe) and Tabla Tarang, and general ethnic percussion like
Darbouka, Djembe, Duff, Riq, Dhol, Dholak, Khamak and so on.
Extended works on compositions from classical to jazz style for theatres and dance.

2006 "Seraglio" (W.A.Mozart) with turkish ensemble, percussionist at the "Schauspielhaus" Vienna
2006 CD "Tales of the Dwarfs" with Manuela Seidl and Christian Reiner for Renaissance Castle Greillenstein
2005 "escaped" music to an experimental short film by Robert Hammel and Christian Pattera
2005 Tours to Japan and Turkey with Stefan Libardi and different pieces
2005 CD "Jalikebba and the Tubaps" recorded in the Gambia/Africa with Kora master Jalikebba Kuyateh
2003-2004 "Mimages - a symphony in movement" a performance with 15 dancers on stage
    together with Benjamin Leuschner directed by Rob Barendsma, and tour in 6 european countries
2003 on 11.9. certificate of "being an artist" through the government committee for music of the KSVF
2002 tour of india with Bharat Natyam dancer Radha Anjali , programs in Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad und Chennai (Madras)
2002-2004 composition and live music for "Tewang Bulang"a indonesian fairy-tale with Eurhythmietheater Fundevogel
    (price of the jury at the Basel Theatre Festival 2002)
seit 2001 percussionist with "Visions of Kaya" the songs of the sumerian goddess Inanna
2001 "trouble is my business" after Raymond Chandler´s story with the puppet player Stefan Libardi
2000 - 2002 teaching indian tabla to indian kids at the private school "Balakairali" in vienna
2000 - 2004 puppet theatre "Stöberkiste": musician, speaker and puppet player
2000 CD "essence of love" classical iranian music with Jooya Zoreh and Majid Dharakshani
2000 CD "Bach for Mallets" classical music for violin and piano played on vibraphone and marimba
1999-2002 "Hasret Ensemble" classical osmanian music with singer Memo Günes Schachiner
1999-2003 "Vilagok Hangja" world music with hungarian sarod player Istvan Jeszensky
1999 CD "Redshift"
since 1997 "Natya Mandir Music Ensemble" performances with Bharata Natyam dancer Radha Anjali
      and the Natya Mandir Dance Company, compositions and ensemble leader
1996  "Redshift" ethno-jazz band with own compositions
1996 "Raga Roll" with blues guitarist Hary Wetterstein
1995 "Jonathan Seagull & the drumming man in the nosedive" Kindertheater Heuschreck
1994 tour with Pandit Shivanath Mishra from Benares
1993 "Moisasurs Zauberfluch" a theatre piece of   F.Raimund, director: Nikolaus Büchel
1988-2004 studies in India und Africa
1987 Ensemble Mosaik modern jazz with Nicolas Simion
1986 "Songs from the concentration camp" with Christina Zurbrügg
1986 "Merlin" folk and folkrock band (here i played also the drumset!)
1985 "Piccolo" Multimedia-Production for the Vienna Festwochen with adula ibn Quadr and H.W.Käfer
1982-86 Adula Ibn Quadr & Friends (Gypsy&Balkan-Jazz)