Jalikebba & the Toubabs

a unique CD combining african Kora - music with swedish folkmusic and indian Tabla.
recorded live at Tanji Village Museum in The Gambia on 29.1.2005, that's the amazing result of an
wellgoing jam-session of musicians from three cultural heritages.

you can download and listen to the full CD in somewhat reduced quality from here.
you are welcome to order the full experience by email to 
the prize is 10.- Euros + shipping. the full profits will go to Jalikebba Kuyateh to support
the  "rising star of kora music" on his way to the top.

1.Jaliya (5:19)
2.N' LatÚla (4:54)
3.Caira (5:13)
4.M.Samba (5:32)
5.Signolu (4:05)
6.Griot and the Family (7:38)
7.Bamba Bojang (5:13)
8.Byeee (0:17)

Jalikebbas websites:

on vibes.co.at
on spaces.msn.com

Harunas website

Creative Commons License
This record is licensed unter a Creative Commons License
On the back side of the cover you can see us in front of the entrance to the auditorium of the Tanji Village Museum.

(Tracks 6 & 7 are excerpts from a live performance at the Paradise Inn Lodge Tanji, substituting our swedish friends by Eveline, singer and Kora-player from the Netherlands.)